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If you're just starting out with your first train set or you're an experienced modeller we have products suitable for you. 

We've carry more than 6,000 items ranging from:

- Paints & Glues    - Tools   - Rolling Stock   - Buildings   - Scenics   - Electricals   - Train Sets   - Figures   - Track   - Kits 'n' bits   - Vehicles and Pre-owned items.

 If you need any help we are here to offer: advice, installation assistance, service and repairs of locos etc.  

  • Paints & Glues: We carry lots of different brands: Humbrol, RailMatch, Lifecolor, MIG, Deluxe Materials and Wilder. Products of these brands includes: various glues (super glue, plastic kit glue, craft glues), varnishes, weathering powders, thinners, washes and brushes. 

  • Tools: We have a wide range of hobby tools to help you build your model railway (suitable for other hobbies as well). Brands include: Expo, Guagemaster, Xuron, Antex, Swann-Morton and Iwata. Our products range from: craft knives, scalpels, track cutters, soldering irons, mini drills and air brushes.  

  • Rolling Stock: We carry stock in OO (4mm), N Gauge, 009, and O Gauge with products from Hornby, Bachmann, Dapol, Gaugemaster, Oxford Diecast, Graham Farish, Heljan, Accurascale and EFE Rail.

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  • Buildings

  • Scenics:                  

  • Electricals:

  • Train Sets

  • Figures

  • Track:

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  • Kits 'n' bits

  • Vehicles

  • Pre-owned items

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